The Shred415 experience is a metaphor for life. Both in class and in life there will always be people that are stronger than you and there will always be people that are weaker than you. Use this as motivation.

Shred415 is a high intensity interval training workout that combines weights and treadmill walking/running. We love it because the combination of energetic instructors, rhythmic music, and low lighting gives you this really powerful feeling, you are in full control of your workout. The low lights are our favorite part because they allow you to get into your own world without worrying about what others are doing. The ingenuity doesn’t stop there though. The locker rooms are so smart. Say your hair tie broke, no worries, Shred415 has a new one for you. Shoot, you forgot your deodorant. No problem, they have multiple scents for you to spray on after your shower. There were definite brains behind the beauty of this company.

Speaking of brains, in November 2017, we got the opportunity to interview Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer, co-founders and co-owners of Shred415. These women are strong both inside and out. They kick a** at keeping their brand authentic. If you talk to them for five minutes you will feel how appreciative they are to the community of shredders that sweat together every day and organically became friends that now advocate for the brand on social media. They will also admit that Shred415 grew out of good luck and happenstance. When asked if how they knew they would be a good team, Bonnie said, “We didn’t know, but we got really lucky.” It turns out that their talents complement each other. Tracy is very detail oriented and Bonnie looks forward to working on the financial aspect of the business.

Something you may not know about Bonnie and Tracy or the Shred415 studios are that they are family friendly. Tracy mentioned in our interview that many women have come up to her and expressed thanks because they say “This is great! I haven’t been able to work out with my husband in years!” They are referencing the fact that you can drop your kids off at the Kids’ Corner while you work out with your partner. Bonnie and Tracy took their love for family and passion for fitness to the next level. They realize the reality of our lives. We are all busy and we want a place we can come to let off steam, destress, and have fun with our families.

shred415 coupon codeShred415 isn’t just for families. Bonnie and Tracy will tell you, “Shred415 is for everyone. Walk, jog, run, it’s your choice. If you need to make the workout harder we can always increase the weights or treadmill. It’s geared toward any individual.” They find that different genres of individuals come at different times of the day. They see the bankers and investors early in the morning, then it transitions to stay-at-home parents, around 3-4pm they see the teachers come in, and later in the evening they get the young adult crowd before they get ready to go out. This variety feeds the culture of acceptance, passion, and motivation toward the common goal of being healthy and getting your body to where you feel comfortable in your own skin.

We asked Bonnie and Tracy what motivates them to come to work every day. They said the community and their stories. They talked about an individual that lost 15 pounds after only one month and another individual who used only Shred415 workouts to train for hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Today Bonnie and Tracy are thinking bigger picture. In less than three months they have already sold 26 franchise locations that are expected to open up in the summer/fall of 2018. We really admire the chutzpah these women exhibit. The company they have built in six short years is absolutely amazing. Bonnie and Tracy, from one woman-owned company to another – You freakin’ rock and so do your Shred415 classes!

If you would like to try out a Shred415 class at one of the four Chicago Locations you can visit

For Chicago Visitors Guide readers Shred415 is offering 4 classes for $39. Please email with “CHICAGO VISITORS GUIDE” in the subject line to redeem this promotion.


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