PR Italian Bistro

Residing at the edge of Wrigleyville is a restaurant, named The PR Italian Bistro, which differentiates itself from the ballpark fare that dominates the rest of the neighborhood.

The head chef and owner, Stefano Roman, was born and raised in Venice. His background definitely shines through his food; you can practically taste both the Italian countryside and metropolitan areas in every single bite. Their menu includes antipasti, insalate, primi, secondi, contorni, pizze rosse, pizze bianche, and pizza al volo. When gazing at the hanging string lights while seated at a handcrafted wooden table, you could understandably believe that you were on a street corner in the heart of Italy!  Now, let’s get into more detail about what makes up Mr. Roman’s delicious menu.

The Genova salad is my number one pick on the menu. It is composed of a delectable mix of spinach, goat cheese, carrots, tomato, red onion, grilled chicken, and garlic pesto. The warm spinach and rich goat cheese melt in your mouth with complimentary flavors that you are sure to never forget. The crunchy carrots, sweet tomatoes and fresh red onions add texture and a flattering coolness to the warmth of the zesty salad. The grilled chicken explodes in your mouth with the perfect amount of juiciness. To top it off, the garlic pesto dressing artfully pulls the dish together into the savory treat that it is.



The PR Italian Bistro also provides two blackboard menus for every dinner and weekend brunch.  This menu is where Mr. Roman’s expertise truly shines. It is in these dishes, that he combines his zeal for cooking and his experimental ideas. I have chosen many pasta dishes off of the blackboard menu, and I must say, that I am left in awe of how he continuously crafts such scrumptious recipes.


Every dish at PR Italian Bistro is an absolute treat. I could sit here and praise each of them, but now it’s your turn to go and experience this glimpse of Italy for yourself!

PR Italian Bistro

3908 N. Sheridan Road

Chicago, IL 60613

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