Pasta Palazzo

Pasta Palazzo is a vibrant hole in the wall Italian restaurant located in the heart of Lincoln Park. Upon entering the restaurant, you are welcomed with beautiful mosaics and colorful paintings on each wall, transporting you to the serene countryside of Italy.  The atmosphere is relaxing, lively, and perfect for a hungry stomach. The chef prepares and cooks his food right behind the bar, constantly filling the restaurant with the delicious aroma of mouthwatering food.

Though every item on the menu at Pasta Palazzo is delicious, their specialty is obviously pasta. After indulging in a plate of the Capellini Pomodoro, it is safe to say that every bite dances over your taste buds, leaving your mouth begging you for more. The fresh mix of basil, garlic, and spices in the chunky tomato sauce complimented the angel hair pasta perfectly.

Not in the mood for pasta? Don’t worry at all. Pasta Palazzo serves salads, soups, sweets, sandwiches, and new specials each day! One of the specials that was offered the day we visited was a sautéed tilapia with asparagus in a lemon garlic sauce. The tilapia was plated beautifully and had a flawless texture. The lemon garlic sauce added a flavorful tang to the asparagus.

Pasta Palazzo is a great place to bring anyone looking for a fun time and a delicious meal, but what’s even more exciting is they can bring that delicious meal to you with their catering, so you can enjoy their great home-cooking even when entertaining!

1966 North Halsted St.
Chicago, IL 60614

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