Nutella Cafe

If you’re crazy about the popular, creamy chocolate hazelnut spread, the Nutella Cafe Chicago will be your heaven. Located on Michigan Avenue, right next to Millennium Park, this cafe is a must-visit for any Nutella lover.

Immediately upon walking past the cafe doors, the decadent aroma swirling through the air will lure you in. As soon as you enter, there is no turning back. With a menu consisting of crepes, croissants, muffins, gelato, and more (all with Nutella of course!) this is the cafe of your dreams.

We chose the Banana Nutella Crepe, Fresh Flaky Croissant, and Panna Cotta. All of these treats consisted of warm, oozing Nutella. Hands down, our favorite was the Banana Nutella Crepe. It provided a great combination of flavors while not being too heavy.

Aside from the deliciousness of Nutella, the staff at the cafe was friendly and offered up great suggestions. One thing to note is that due to the popularity of the cafe, it may be hard to find seating for large groups. We recommend you take your treats “to go” and find a spot in Millennium Park.

The Nutella Cafe is deliciousbut I’m sure this comes to no surprise!

Nutella Cafe Chicago
189 Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60601

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