La Bodega

Tucked away in the glamorous River North neighborhood lies a masterpiece named La Bodega. This quick stop may be small, but its unique and high quality offerings make it a rare, colorful gem in the midst of the city bustle.

While most people come for the churros, they also have great tacos! Stuffed with wholesome, flavorful ingredients and overflowing from their bright pink soft tortillas, these are not just any tacos. During our lunchtime visit, we tried out the “Al Pastor” tacos: a dish exploding with savory spit roasted pork, tangy salsa morita, and silky avocado crema.  It was an absolute feast for our taste buds.

Don’t get too full on tacos because La Bodega’s specialty is their irresistible churros. They have completely re-imagined this sweet dessert by offering flavors like Oreo, Red Velvet, and a seasonal flavor (it was Key Lime when we went). If you have to choose one churro, my personal favorite was the Nutella churro–I mean, what doesn’t taste good with Nutella? Believe it or not, their classic cinnamon sugared churro is also one you shouldn’t miss.

La Bodega also offers juices and pre-packaged food you can buy and take on the go. While we got too full on tacos and churros to try anything else, they have beautiful lattes, hot chocolate, and sundaes if you’re still craving something sweet.

La Bodega
355 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654

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