Gino’s East

A Slice of History

Opened in 1966, Gino’s East is the second oldest big-name Chicago-style pizza joint. The ooey gooey delicious pie know as deep dish took to the city’s streets in 1943. Ike Sewell cooked up this innovative pizza after being stationed in Italy during the Second World War. When three Chicago businessmen decided to open Gino’s 23 years later, they forever changed how Chicagoans regarded pizza.

Gino’s East, with its dark and cozy ambiance, quickly became the place to hang out. Open late, invitingly dim, and serving delicious food, people really enjoyed spending time there.

The signature tradition of marking the booths and walls with graffiti all started when customers started using forks to carve their initials into the wooden booths at Gino’s flagship location on E. Superior Street. Eventually, white-out replaced forks as the weapon of choice to decorate the walls. Now, people pour in with markers and pens–eager to carry on tradition. When people come back to Gino’s East later in life, they excitedly search for their names on the walls.

The graffiti became a part of the identity of Gino’s East.  The tradition has become so well-known that this trademark is recognized across the country and has been featured on Food Network and The Amazing Race.

Keeping It Classic

Gino’s East is widely famous not only for its graffiti-filled walls, but also for its trademark golden crust.  The quality of food hasn’t changed since Gino’s East first opened, as the restaurant has kept the same cook for the past 50 years.

If you enjoy meat on your pizza, do not sleep on their sausage patty. Encompassing the entire surface area of this pizza, you are guaranteed to have a taste of sausage in every single bite.

A visit to Gino’s East would not be complete without trying the pizza. However, it isn’t the only good thing there.  In particular, their barbecue wings are great with the perfect balance of savory, spicy and a hint of sweet in the sauce.


Gino’s #deepAF pizza was excitedly launched in 2017. It’s like their traditional deep dish but on steroids, with 2x the meat, 75% more cheese, and 33% more dough. You can make any deep dish #deepAF. Just ask your server!

Gino’s #deepAF pizza truly embraces their identity, deep dish pizza. We highly recommend trying it out. You’ll be dreaming about it in your sleep for months to come.

While in Chicago, we highly recommend you bite into this delicious slice of history. With a deeply rooted past, indulgent food, extremely friendly staff, and unique ambiance, Gino’s East is at the top of our list. Be sure to come hungry!

Gino’s East
162 E Superior St

Chicago, IL 60611
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