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Chicago Botanic Garden

Walk through the crowded entrance and behold—an exciting and colorful array of perfectly planted flowers awaits you at every corner. This is no walk in the park. If you desire to experience the full lineup Chicago Botanic Garden has prepared for you, give yourself a few hours to see it all!

This masterpiece has over 20 different gardens, each of them possessing a unique ensemble of colors and plants from all over the world! Every few months, they plant a new limited-time garden. During our visit, we got to view the Brazilian Garden. With popping colors and thick, spiky leaves, this isn’t something you can expect to see anywhere in the States.

Keep walking further and listen closely. You can hear the Waterfall Garden before you can even see it! Listening to the water crash gently on the rocks below, an immediate feeling of serenity takes over your body.

Right across the Waterfall Garden, just a curved bridge away, enter into the Japanese Garden—arguably one of the most popular! Visitors get a sense of the precise Japanese ways and their intriguing culture without ever leaving the country.

If you’re feeling a little hungry, strolling through the Fruits and Vegetable Garden will onlyintensify your hunger as you walk past perfectly formed fruits and veggies. The good news is, you can enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the Garden View Cafe featuring locally grown produce.

When looking to plan your visit, check the calendar of events. You may get lucky and experience an art show, live concert, or different exhibits during your day at the Garden.

Admission into the Garden is free! Each car that desires to park pays a fee of $25 on weekdays and $30 on weekends or holidays. The Garden is usually open for visitors between 7AM – 9PM.

With so many distractions life throws at us, Chicago Botanic Garden takes you into the realm of nature. Put your devices down and soak in the mystery and magnificence the plants and creatures of this planet have to offer.

Provided below is a video with more pictures and information on Chicago Botanic Garden.

Chicago Botanic Garden
1000 Lake Cook Rd.
Glencoe, IL

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