AIR® Aerial Fitness

Bringing together a mix of yoga, ballet, Pilates, and strength training, all performed with the assistance of hammocks, AIR® Aerial Fitness leaves you feeling like an acrobat.

Upon entering the studio, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the large teal hammocks that are soon to become your reliant training partner, but rest assuredwhether a beginner or an aerial fitness pro, with the guided instruction and individual attention provided by the teacher, you will never be left behind.

AIR®, being the largest aerial fitness training program in the world, leads the way in this unique exercise experience.

Although getting used to the hammock and trusting the silks may be difficult at first, if you arrive up to 15 minutes prior to class, the teacher will be happy to assist and familiarize you with basic movements you are about to encounter.

As for the class structure, the studio offers several variations. AIR® Foundation is recommended for beginners (it’s what we took!) and is designed to get you feeling comfortable with the hammocks while giving you a workout that puts your body to the test. Eventually, individuals who have numerous AIR® Foundation classes under their belt work their way up to AIR® classes, an intensified variation. AIR® Flow and AIR® Core are the other two types of classes offered.

A typical class is 50 minutes long with AIR® Core being the only exception. The classes begin with a warm-up, and then you progress into the main segment of the class. This usually includes a core section where you are suspended upside down on your hammock, movements that target your legs, and upper body exercises in which you use the hammock to pull yourself up. When the bulk of the work is completed, you are led into a cool-down and with the last few minutes of class remaining, the floor is yours to unleash your inner circus performer and try out impressive poses.

AIR® Aerial Fitness makes for some sweet picturesand an even better workout. What makes it unique is its ability to challenge different muscle groups you may never have had to use before, all while having an amazing time.

There are currently three AIR® locations in Chicago: Lincoln Park, South Loop, River North, and Winnetka. Sign ups for the class can be done online.

We encourage you to shake up your workout routine and adventure into the AIR®.

For Chicago Visitors Guide readers AIR is offering a $1 first class at one of their four locations in Chicago! Use code AIRCHICAGO at checkout on their website at
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