90 Miles Cuban Café (Armitage Location)

90 Miles Cuban Café is the real deal when it comes to Cuban food. Although café is in the name, this is a full-blown restaurant featuring a relaxed atmosphere and some of the best mojitos you’ve ever had!  If you like sangria or mojitos, then we strongly suggest that you take advantage of their BYOB policy where, for example, you can bring your own wine for their delicious sangria mix or rum to blend with their freshly pressed limes and mint-infused mojito mix.  We promise that you will feel the buzz even without dropping big bucks.

On your way to the table, be sure to take in the surroundings. You will marvel at the meticulously painted walls depicting mysterious life in the long-secluded Havana. Feel as if you are among the locals while snacking on empanadas, ceviche, garlic shrimp, and sweet plantains. There are even Gluten Free options, like their signature dish, Fricase De Pollog (Stewed chicken, potatoes, green olives, and black beans).

For all those hip Moms and Dads out there, this is a great place to bring kids. Choose from either indoor or outdoor seating, and let the kids explore, while you enjoy a delicious meal with your partner.

Although they take reservations, don’t worry if you can’t or forget to make one. If there is a wait, you can pass the time listening to music and sipping on a mojito pitcher, Latin soda, or tropical smoothie in their tree-house-like upstairs lounge.

Periodically, the Armitage location features a live music night. If you are close to the Lincolnwood location don’t worry that you’ll get left out, but just to make sure, reserve your spot for a night of live Flamenco dancing well in advance because it’s a spectacle worth seeing!

90 Miles Cuban Café
2540 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

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